Dating with a Capricorn Man

Capricorn men are not afraid to become committed to one single woman if she manages to prove worthy of their attention. They are calm, funny, passionate, and intelligent, but they are always in his way and very ambitious. Especially when it comes to their professional life.

If you want to make the Capricorn man you just met your longtime partner, you need to know a few things about how to crack is the rather cold and rigid outer layer. If you succeed, you will find a loyal and warm man on the inside.

  • Opt for a classy yet conservative appearance

As a woman, you may be tempted to flash your physical assets and sexy outfits during a date with your Capricorn man, but doing so is not such an inspired decision. Capricorn men love women that are feminine, but who adopt a classy and conservative appearance, so do have this in mind.

  • Engage him, Capricorn man, in intelligent conversations

It doesn’t matter how beautiful you are. Because a Capricorn man will be most attractive by the intelligence of a woman. So, show him your brain by getting engaged in smart and intelligent conversations and you will definitely win him over.

Also, if he makes a joke, do your best to stay composed and not guffaw. Of course, it is okay to laugh and show signs of appreciation for his sense of humor, but in a cool and calm manner.

  • Do your best to make him trust you

Capricorn men may take a while until trusting you sufficiently in order to open up, so you will have to work a little to gain his trust. For this, you will have to be patient with him and be supportive each time the situation requires it while doing your best to prove that you are trustworthy.

Once you got his trust, you’d better not play with it. If a Capricorn man loses his trust in you, it will be very hard to trust you again or at all.

  • Stay away from mind games

If you really want to make a Capricorn guy yours, you’d better stay away from mind games. Do not try to make him jealous by flirting with other guys or parading near them, and do not play hard to get. If you like him, be clear about it and let him make his move.

You should know that these games have the opposite effect of a Capricorn man, who will not get engaged and will walk away from the relationship he has with you without even looking back. So do think about whether you are ready to risk this.

  • A quiet evening is the best solution

The best way to get to know a Capricorn man and to make him slowly open up to you is to do something nice and quiet together. Dinner at your place, a picnic, or any other activity that takes only the two of you. I recommend that.

Do have in mind that Capricorn men don’t feel too comfortable at parties, especially if you’re trying to have a date in such an environment, so you may not be able to find out much about him.

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