Dating with a Gemini sign Man

A Gemini man is many times considered one of the most puzzling persons you could ever meet. Due to the nature of his birth sign, you may sometimes have the impression that you are dating two different people. This means that his state can shift suddenly and jump from one mood to another.

He loves an active lifestyle and you will need to do something to get his attention, but if you manage, life with a Gemini man can be extremely pleasant. If you prove to be the one he’s been looking, he will take you far, so here is what you need to know when dating such a man.

  • Take him somewhere he never was before

If you are preparing for a first date together, a sure way to impress him is to take him somewhere he has never been before. Do have in mind that he loves meeting new people and seeing new places, so don’t be afraid to be creative for a first date.

  • Don’t let the conversation go on idle

Gemini men love one thing and that is to talk. They know a lot on various subjects, so don’t hesitate to talk with him about almost anything. The truth is that probably he will talk more than you at the date, but you’ll have to be ready for this because Gemini men are true chatters.

Also, if you two manage to have a pleasant and interesting conversation, most certainly he will want to see you with another occasion as well. So, do your best and turn this passion they have for talking in your advantage, by keeping the conversation interesting.

  • Have in mind that they are quite outgoing

If you were thinking about having a date with a Gemini man in which you will stay inside and watch a movie, think twice. Gemini men are rather outgoing and love going to parties. So, if you are not such a social person, you may not enjoy too much being with a Gemini.

On the long run, you should also be prepared to let him go out with his friends alone. if you prefer to curl under a blanket in front of the TV because he might not be in the mood for the same activity.

  • They love to laugh and have fun

It will be hard to get bored while dating a Gemini man. They enjoy a lot having fun and laughing, so you may very well have a blast during your date. So, do your best to know some funny jokes as well and do anything but be too serious on the date, because that may scare him of.

If you start to get along sufficiently well and start planning a getaway weekend, do be ready to have even more fun. You should also be playful, adventurous, and exciting, and you will definitely have him hooked.

  • They can get easily bored

As mentioned before, Gemini men are adventurous and can change their mood quite often, according to the ideas that may come to their mind. So you should be aware that they can get bored quite quickly if they get the same old things over and over again.

If you really want to keep a Gemini man close, what you need to do is to keep him on his toes. This means to keep him guessing, never knowing what to expect next, and you will definitely keep him for a very long time to come.