Current Couples Conflicts And Realities

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Conflicts and realities

Conflicts and realities. A lot has changed about the way couples are today, in comparison with the times of our parents and grandparents.

Of course, not just the couples changed, but also our lifestyles as well.

We tend to have busier and busier lives, spending more time away than together with the people we love.

We are in a constant chase for money and security, forgetting that there are simpler things in life that make our life more beautiful.

These days, people are wearier when it comes to commitment, marrying at a late age, or choosing not to marry at all.

Some people consider commitment and marriage just a way to sparkle fights between two persons. Because the lack of commitment seems to make people easygoing.

Many things can start conflicts in today’s couples, some of them being old, while some are specific to the times we live.

For instance, money is not a new cause for conflicts between two people involved in a relationship. Because the insufficiencies present in people’s lives were always present, regardless of time.

But today, when so many possibilities are present, when women work as much as men, providing for the family, are the conflicts for money justified?

The reality of this conflict is that other issues start a misunderstanding, not money itself.

There are cases in which the woman makes more money than the man, so he will end up not feeling in charge or not having decisional power.

Or there is the insecurity concerning tomorrow, people fearing that they will have to face hardships in the future.

Some other matters and frustrations come with the mask of fighting about money in today’s couples.

Many couples of today have conflicts about time and work. It is enough to take a look around and see that we spend time working, else away from our family.

Conflicts and realities 2

And there are many people in this situation.

So, we end up hearing reproaches from our partners that we neglect them, not having time anymore to listen to them and to spend time in their company. Well, in this case, this is the reality.

Most people don’t consider spending time with the family a priority. Working hard so that each member of the family, or their partner, has everything they need.

Is that a good thing? It may be a good thing up to one point.

When we end up neglecting our partners and family because of work, when we don’t get to see our children grow because we are always away, this is when problems occur.

For our happiness and stability within the couple. We need to do something and dedicate some time to spending with the people we love.

The real issue of modern couples is the lack of time, communication, and support for each other.

We don’t allow time for listening to our partners, to talk about problems in a quiet manner.  To still do some activities together that are enjoyable for both persons involved in that relationship.

Until we slow down the pace and focus on the things that matter, unnecessary conflicts will occur.

Conflicts and realities 3

How to get rid of conflicts?

Acknowledging problems is the first step toward solving them.

If you are honest with each other, you can work together on making your relationship better.

It is always good to talk about what bothers you, even if it seems like nothing serious. It is not that easy to bring up the subject without getting offended somehow but once there is a mutual understanding between both parties, the conflicts will fade away eventually.

People often accuse their partners of exaggerating and refusing to see things from their point of view, which can make matters worse.

The right attitude for starting a conversation is accepting an apology before forgiving him/her. Conflicts are never one-sided so try not to place all of the blame on him/her because it’s probably something you’ve done too.

Every problem deserves a solution, rather than dwelling over the mistake for years.

Once you’ve identified the root of the conflict, it is easier to deal with it and fix things up before they get worse.

If there are no solutions but only complaints involved, bring down the subject instead of always trying to prove your point about how right you are.

It’s better if you learn to accept your faults because nobody is perfect and expecting him/her to be like that will just drive you mad.

Conflicts can take place during great moments as well – something that couples often overlook when they’re having fun together at parties or on holidays.   The mood gets ruined, which leaves traces in their memory that affect their future

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