Conflicts in modern couples

There isn’t such a thing as a perfect modern couple. Elders say that you don’t love one another if you don’t argue now and then.

Not arguing means that you don’t care, and indifference does not show the presence of love.

But, modern couples should make the difference between minor quarrels and conflicts that can put the relationship in danger.

These potential conflicts should be identified in an early manner so that they can be solved before they degenerate into something more unpleasant.

Being aware that a conflict is a presence, regardless of its type, is the first step in finding a favorable conflict resolution.

What are the most common conflicts in modern couples? Let us take a look at the following lines.

Probably the biggest cause of conflicts these days for couples is the subject of money.

Couples fight on money spent on minor things, or on the fact that one partner earns more than the other, as examples.

But, at the essence, the so-called fights about money are never about money, hiding other issues.

For instance, the insecurity of tomorrow, feeling a lack of respect from the other partner, fear of not having sufficient influence over important life aspects, and fear of not achieving your most ardent dreams.

The second most common cause of conflict in couples is sex.

Yes, sex, or the lack of it, causes a lot of misunderstandings in a couple.

In order to better coordinate on this matter, you should have a conversation with your partner on the subject.

We know that for some couples this may be uncomfortable. But you need to do it if you want to enjoy sex with your couple.

Just remember to talk calmly about it and get to know each other better in this chapter.

Spending too much time at work can also cause conflicts in the couple.

To enjoy harmony in your couple. You need to designate some time when you can have some fun with your partner.

You should both agree to go on a date night, just like in the good old days.

A date once a week, when you spend some quality time together with your partner, enjoying activities you both like, can be like a breath of fresh air.

Even if you have children it is not an excuse not to enjoy some time with your partner. So try hard to make this date happen, for the sake of your relationship.

Speaking of children, the way rules are reinforced and are applied in the case of raising children can also spark conflict.

Children have the power to turn you against each other, especially when you don’t agree on something.

So make sure you solve these differences between four eyes and not in front of the kids.

Also, when you reach a common solution, you should both stick to it. Because children will have nothing else to do but to comply when parents are united.

And last, but not least, conflicts in couples can also start from daily tasks.

Who does what? Why you are the only one doing one thing, and your partner doesn’t?

To solve this, each of you needs to see what chorus can be better. Split the list of chores according to abilities.

This is called the division of labor and can help diminish this kind of conflict.

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