Dating with a Capricorn sign Woman

Capricorn women are known for being ambitious and hard working. If you are not ready to invest a lot of time and effort into a relationship, like such a woman will, then you may not be suitable for her. Also, you may want to know that a Capricorn woman knows how to take care of herself. So don’t play prince charming on a white horse. Because she will not continue with the relationship.

If you set your eyes on such a woman and would like to know how to land a successful date with her, the following advice may help you get the attention of a Capricorn woman.

  • You should play it real with her

Don’t try to impress her with a phony personality and brag with what you don’t have. Because if she finds out that you’re not real, you ended up with her forever. A Capricorn woman will be attracted by the realness she finds in her partner, so keep it real at all times when dating her.

Don’t forget that she is very organized and not afraid to take the lead if things go wrong. So being confident and having everything well-planned will definitely help. It’s not like she is a control freak, but likes to get things the right manner.

  • They are very ambition and career-driven

The Capricorn woman is the kind of woman that works a lot to achieve everything she wants, without bragging about it. When she will speak about the things she accomplished, she will be rather humble about them. You don’t have to feel bad if you haven’t achieved that much, but you will have to respect what she did and her work.

  • Do not take her for granted

These women are probably some of the most loyal to the people they consider worthy of their attention. You may have to work a little until she will feel safe to open your heart to you, but if you succeed, you can be sure of earning a very faithful partner.

She’ll love someone with a sense of humor and who that support her professional success. Also, don’t play with the trust she offers you, because if you blow it, there are slight chances things will ever be the same. A Capricorn woman can forgive, but she may never put the same amount of trust in you again.

  • Take her in a cozy and rather classy location

If you want to take her out on a date, don’t take her to parties, because she is not the party-type girl. She prefers quieter locations, which have class and are rather elegant. Also, you may want to dress appropriately for the occasion, because she will for sure.

When having a conversation with her, don’t bother to impress her, because you may fail. She may think that you are playing a game and will lose interest in you. On the contrary, be genuine, honest, and sincere, and keep the conversation in the real spectrum.

  • A bit of competition for your first date is not that bad

In case you are still thinking of a good solution for your first date with a Capricorn woman, you should know that they enjoy a certain degree of competition. So, a bowling alley or a mini-golf court may be more than suitable, as long as you take them somewhere nice.

But, if she has a better idea for a date venue, don’t try to convince her out of her idea, because she can be very stubborn. Plus, such a woman always taking the lead, so she won’t hesitate to provide the ideas when she considers appropriate.