What is the Difference between Successful Women and Successful Men?

In this world, we are able to see both successful women and successful men. Hard work, perseverant. But, what is the difference between the two of them? What sets them apart? What are the things on one side and what on the other side?

 If we are to look at the things they have in common, hard work and sacrifice are two things that definitely make both sexes succeed.

It is hard to achieve your goal without working hard and being perseverant. Let’s just take a look at the present candidate for the American Presidency, Hillary Clinton. She used to be the wife of an American President, which no one knew too well.

But, sticking to politics and unrolling various activities throughout time, eventually led her to be one of the most appreciated candidates in the presidential run.

Why did Hilary end up being so appreciated?

Well, if we are to compare her with Donald Trump, her rival, and a very successful businessman, the differences are obvious.

Women tend to be more diplomatic and cautious when they speak, measuring their words and doing their best to present a negative aspect in the best light possible, so that no one will feel hurt or upset.

We cannot say the same thing about Donald Trump, so misses no chance to throw mud at the direction of his rivals and be painfully honest when it comes to his opinions.

Of course, any man has the right to express his opinions and thoughts, but the manner of expression is not always the best one in the case of Trump.

This behavior stirred many disputes with groups of people that disagree with him, not because of what he said, but because of how he said it.

Let us look closer at the differences that set apart successful women from successful men.

Women empowerment

  • Successful women think differently, are great team players, gathering around them a team of people with whom they enjoy working. And we all know that a team will always be more efficient and strong than an individual.
  • Also, women are sensitive when it comes to the traits and characteristics of each team member, so they will know what responsibility and task to designate to each team member so that they will use their best skills to deliver high-quality results.
  • In a team, the cooperation is more in women, in contradiction with men are more competitive, so when they will face a problem, they will come together to find a solution.
  • Women are also masters when it comes to communicating and persuading. This is because women are native listeners, doing this task much better than men, which allows them to identify problems much sooner.
  • They also pay attention to the ideas of others, trying to incorporate the best of them in new and more efficient strategies.
  • A woman will never make a final decision until she gets to see all the sides of a matter, which is essential to being persuasive when the situation requires it.
  • Women work hard when it comes to superior roles, seeing equality between superior men and superior women.
  • So, it doesn’t matter what gender her superior will have, because she will be as receptive and hardworking in every case.
  • Also, women are more likely than men to take on new challenges in their professional life. Yes, women will be happier to take on new responsibilities and challenges at work, because they see it as a way to evolve.

Men power

  • They don’t like to get beyond their comfort zone in most cases.
  • Men, on the contrary, will do well if their boss is a man but may not feel the same with a woman boss.
  • Tend to behave rather cocky around a woman that has the role of a leader.
  • The woman is most efficient and willing to work in any situation, while men may not find the same desire if they are put in the situation of having a female boss.

So, you see, there are major differences between successful women and successful men.

Each category manages to reach success if this is what they want, and there is no doubt about it.

But you now know why women tend to have more success than men in some cases.