Fat burning workouts

If you are looking to lose some weight, fat burning is a must.

So, you know by now that physical exercises are more than needed to shape up and get rid of fat.

But, even so, are all workouts efficient in burning fat?

You will be surprised to know that you can reduce the time you spend on physical training and still get better results than the ones you get through your traditional training.

This happens through special fat burning workouts, which are more intense than any training you did up to this point.

If you are not in the best physical shape yet, you should try doing one single intense training session per week.

As you increase your stamina and physical conditions, you will gradually move to 2 and 3 sessions per week.

The idea of fat burning workouts is to increase your heart rate and make your body burn out calories at a more efficient rate.

So, instead of spending 20 minutes to half an hour running steadily on the treadmill, you could do exercises that are more intense, take less time, and burn fat for real.

So, giving the best you have for 10 minutes, instead of keeping the same pace for half an hour. Will make you have an elevated heart rate and burn much more calories.

Here is an example of intense workout for fat burning:

  • One set of jogging on the treadmill, of 800 meters;
  • Do rope jumping, 6 sets, for one minute;
  • Box jumps, 6 sets, in 20 reps;
  • More rope jumping, 6 more sets, for one minute;
  • Do dumbbell step ups, 6 sets, 15 reps for each leg;
  • One superset of running on the treadmill, 6 sets for one minute;
  • Do crunches, 6 sets, for one minute;
  • Bicycle, 6 sets, for one minute;
  • Do band good morning sprints, 6 sets, of 20 reps;

All of these exercises should be done one after another.

The secret is to have very small breaks in between the exercises, stopping just to allow your heart to calm down a little.

So, try to rest as little as possible during this training, to maximize its efficiency.

Again, if you are not in the best physical shape, do one workout of this kind per week.

And do your best to finish the workout. It will be hard to you if you don’t do to such workout. But soon your muscles will get into shape and you will have a better physical condition than when you started.

For fat burning workouts, you can use a combination of exercises, alternating them when you feel like the routine is getting boring.

The main idea is to keep the intensity of the training high if you want to get rid of fat efficiently and start showing off a nicely sculpted body.

Cardio workouts tend to be dreadful, especially you keep a constant speed, and they never deliver the wanting results.