Women are married for love or convenience

Women are married for love or convenience. It seems that it gets harder a man to satisfy a woman good enough so that she will finally accept a marriage proposal.

Things change, there is no doubt about it, as women do not hurry to get married or they do it when they have the security and stability they want.

Also, marriage is not a priority for some women, while others see it as a way to secure a comfortable future.

What we hear from our parents and grandparents about marriage seems like a fairytale in present days, because nothing that happened a few decades ago fits anymore.

So, why do women marry today?


  • Love appears like a rare jewel that is worth fighting for

For the men are thinking today’s that women are looking just for fame and fortune.

They should know that there are women that still love the idea of love.

It is true that these women are rare or already married, so it seems impossible to find one.

Love is an incredible feeling, both for men and for women, but it is a feisty one as well and it won’t be easy to find it.

But, once you found love, you will also start experiencing true happiness as well. Still, some women don’t see love as being worth all this effort.

They may want to have an easy life so they aim convenience instead.

After heartbroken and disappointed by love several times, you may even believe that this is the best way to go.

In the end, it depends on what you want, although love can give you thing that no material possession will.


  • Convenience seems to win over most cases

It is not uncommon to see young women dating older men in our modern society.

Even if they claim to be love, we all know that there is something else in the middle as well.

Older men have a stable career, a great financial status, a house, car, and the possibility to support the ascending career of a young woman.

Of course, not only older men have high financial possibilities, but it is the most concluding example that many women prefer convenience over love.

The truth is that most women today want a successful career and as much money as possible. The easiest way to do this is one someone else’s back.

Why do all the hard work of building a career when your husband can conveniently set it up for you? What about love?

Well, who needs it when you can travel all over the world and afford anything you want.

At least this is how some people think.

  • Both cases are valid

So, in these days, women getting married both out of love and for convenience.

It depends very much on the priorities set by each person, which will determine the choice that one will make.

Some people like to hope that real love is still out there, so they won’t lose their hope.

Others may have goals and objectives that are more important to them than a love story.