The most beautiful beaches in the world

The winter is almost here and the summer vacation seems so far away at the moment.

Still, you can organize a tropical escape to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world anytime.

In fact, January and February are perfect to visit exotic islands, as the peak season has passed.

Plus the weather on some islands is great throughout the year, being warmer and sunnier.

Which are the best beaches in the world?

Let us take a closer look and see what the criteria that set beaches apart are.

  • The waters should be clear and sand fine

What do people think about when imagining a perfect beach?

They first imagine crystal clear water, which will allow them to see their toes while in water.

Also, out at sea, the color turns into a bright turquoise, mesmerizing your eyes.

The water should also be calm, so you can swim and enjoy it without a problem.

The second thing people think about when it comes to a beach is the sand.

The best and most appreciated beaches have powdery white sand.

No one likes too much walking barefoot on a beach filled with shell pieces and rocks.

So clear and calm water plus powdery soft sand are the two main ingredients of beautiful beaches.

Now, if you like palm trees and lush vegetation or a rocky background, it a matter of personal taste.

  • Some of a fascinating beach in the world

There are many beaches you can choose from out there. If you are looking for that perfect white beach, you should know that you must visit Anguilla.

Anguilla has over 30 beaches, all of them being white sand beaches. The weather here is also amazing throughout the year, so it doesn’t matter when you come here.

The Cocoa Island, in the Maldives, is another gorgeous white sand beach. The waters are crystal clear and the weather is sunny.

Among the top 10 beaches in the world, you will also find the White Beach, in Boracay, Philipines.

Soft sand, tall palm trees, and turquoise waters wait for you there.

You should also check out the beaches in Florida, USA, as they are quite beautiful.

The Coquina Beach, on the Anna Maria Island, is quite famous for its beauty.

If you want something more exotic, do know that Mozambique has amazing white sand beaches.

  • Keep an eye on beautiful bays

Beaches are more wide and open, while bays tend to be more intimate and private.

Bays can still give you find sand and access to warm waters. It is the best way to enjoy the benefits of a beach but in a more secluded area.

The Horseshoe Bay, in Bermuda, can be a great candidate for the best bay position.

It has the form of a horseshoe due to the rocky cliffs that surround it, with an entrance of clear water and a small sandy beach inside.

Of course, there are many other gorgeous beaches out there, you will need to do is to discover them.