Amazing places in the world

The world in which we live is amazing and that is a fact. There are so many things that are worth seeing in this lifetime.

Because of the high number of amazing places out there, we all need to make a list of the best ones for us.

It is going to be a tough choice because you will have plenty to choose from.

But, whatever you do, try to see as much as possible from this amazing world.


There is nothing more fulfilling than discovering the beautiful corners of our planet.

It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so make the best choices for you.

  • The best places are not infamous touristic destinations

It is true that most people like visiting touristic destinations, but this is not how you will find the most amazing places.

Some of them are in places where you least expect, so do your research first.

For instance, the Hitachi Seaside Park, in Japan, is best to visit in autumn. During this time of the year, the small shrubs in the park turn red, creating an incredible view.

Another mesmerizing place is the Mendenhall Ice Caves, in Juneau, Alaska.

The ice ceiling of the cave filters the light making it look blue inside the cave.

It would be like walking into a different world. Or perhaps you would like to visit a bamboo forest, in Japan.

Bamboo can reach incredible height for a plant belonging to the grass family.

It is quite breathtaking to walk in a forest like this.


  • The memories you get will be priceless

Just think about yourself on top of Mount Roraima, accessed from Venezuela, Brazil, or Guyana.

It is one of highest plateaus in South America. This means that instead of a mountainous peak, you will get a massive flat land above the clouds.

Such memories will be hard to erase. In fact, you will be able to shoot amazing videos over there.

Another breathtaking destination is the Antelope Canyon, in the USA. Water craved incredible structures through the Navajo sandstone of the canyon, so the sights are like from another world.

The Tianzi Mountains, in China, are spectacular as well.

These are atypical mountains, looking more like giant rock pillars, covered by vegetation and mist.


  • It is hard to get bored with such an amazing world

The list of amazing places to see in this lifetime can continue, as our world is filled with such places.

If you want to have an incredible vacation, find some of these places when traveling.

Do your research and pick those that you consider most beautiful for you.

Don’t worry, as they will seem even more stunning in reality than in photos.

You will definitely have amazing videos to share with your family and friends once you come back.

So what will you visit next?

No matter what you pick, the choice will be an amazing one. There is beauty out in the world in almost any part we look.