Why do young women date older men?

Some young women date older men like her father and there is a phenomenon is happening many women the world.

There seems to be a number of women who always shock their friends and family when they tell them that they started dating someone who is at least 10 or even 20 years older than them.

The most common causes for women to do this is that they feel that men in their age are immature.

Women in their 20’s, complaint and are right because to mature faster than men in this particular decade.

This is the reason many women seem to date older men who are at least 10 years older.

An older man makes them feel get into a meaningful relationship and also feel safer who has things under control.

A large number of women prefer intellectual stimulation and this is the reason why they prefer an older man.

The older man is an experienced individual sexually and provides comfort for the woman in terms of an emotional connection.

Older men also attract younger women when the younger women have bad experienced with men from their age group.

Then usually meet a woman who tells be in a relationship with an older man and they are much happier.

This can also need women and be likely to try to date a man who is in their age.

There are also many women who didn’t have a father figure growing up that was good enough and they want to fill that void by finding a new father figure that is going to make them feel safe and secure.

This is a common thing to see, and there are many women who feel that their relationship with an older man has been way better than anything they could ever have with a man that is in their age group.

There is also a very common thing that is happening lately with women and that is the fact that they feel they don’t want to date any inexperienced men who are unable to have a serious and mature relationship.

This is, they want something meaningful, that is why women like to date older men after right get out college.

This is happening more and more in many countries all over the world.

Women are more emotional than they are driving by the way that men look.

The reason why they do not care about an age difference, the man is giving them the emotional stimulation necessary.

Once a woman finds that older men are more likely to have stable relationships she is very unlikely to want to be with a younger man, but this changes when men reach a certain age and then women are more likely to feel attracted to men in their age group.

This is one of the reasons why a large number of women date older men in their 20’s because they feel that this suits their needs better, but once they think of marriage, they look for a younger man that is already in the age group that she initially dated. This usually happens when a woman hits her 30’s.

There is no question men and women likely to date older people but women are more likely to do this.

It seems the father figure plays a major role in this kind of situation for a large number of women.

In any case, the age difference is accepted, as long as this difference is not for several decades.