Cheating more men or women

This seems to be a question that was once easy to answer. Cheating more men or women.

Cheating has been part of our history from the very beginning of times.

It doesn’t matter what social status people have, cheating can be part of their lives depending on many factors.

It is easier for men to do cheaters, the woman stay home while the man went working and can cheat.

Now things change and there are women all world who are also working in all kinds of professional positions.


This has made it easier if women to have access to situations that could allow them to cheat more. Now, this brings the question of who cheating more men or women

The truth is that there are many factors to consider, but due to the nature of male and female sexuality, males are much more likely to have impulses that make them want to cheat.

The average male is to get easily to arouse by any female he finds attractive.

Males are sexually by visual stimulation than they are by emotional arousal.

Women are feeling aroused by the man personality instead of just feeling very aroused by looking at a man.


This is probably the reason why women are less likely to cheat unless they feel a connection.

Men say that are more likely to cheat if a very attractive woman shows any interesting them, which means that basically the women have the power and they know they can cheat easily because most men would not deny having sex with them.

Women, on the other hand, are more likely to feel like they need to be stimulated by a man intellectually to even consider cheating and their current relationship need to be lacking in some ways.

Most men complain about women not giving them everything they want in bed.

Men are likely to cheat if they can’t do certain things in bed with their partner.

Cheating more men or women

Women are more likely to cheat if men are not taking care of them emotionally.

This is a common difference and no deny women have an advantage of cheating when they want to cheat.

There are people who cheat because they need spice things up and get away from the routine of their relationships.

This is not as common, but those people don’t even care if everything is going perfectly with their relationships.

This s the kind of behavior that become very risky because the cheater is likely to make a mistake and get caught saying something online or getting a call from someone that raises suspicions.

There are millions of people who are constantly looking for a way to find out if their partner is cheating and there are even private investigators that take on this sort of cases.

The results show an equal amount of men and women are cheating on their partners in this sort of investigations.

There are also many homosexual couples that have reported cheating.

We know men and women cheat for different reasons, it’s important to determine the factors that play an important role.

Some women cheat because their husbands travel all the time while she stays at home and worries about what he might be doing, some men cheat because the wife is constantly on business trips and he gets worried about what she might be doing. Who cheats more men or women?

It seems like the scenarios determine the cheating much more than the gender.


Cheating is wrong no matter how you look at it. This is the ultimate betrayal that you can do to someone else and that is the main reason why cheating has been a reason for people to separate more often than not.

There is no line separating men and women when it comes to the chances of either one cheating because of their gender, but mainly because of the circumstances.





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