The Different Stages Of Love Can Cause Problems In The Couple

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Problems In The Couple

Problems In The Couple, usually, when we fall in love, the feeling is burning like an unstoppable flame, making us want to have our loved person with us night and day.

We miss this person even if he or she is gone for 5 minutes and we don’t seem to fall asleep at night because the day is too short in their company.

Love is an interesting thing, being able to have different shapes and sizes.

You should know that love comes in various wraps, this information can save your relationship.

Many people don’t know that there are various stages of love, considering that their love flame is gone and their relationship is not worth it anymore.

Problems In The Couple, you need to identify and be aware of these stages, so you will know that there is nothing wrong with your relationship.

The various phases of love can trigger troubles in the couple.

Yes, most of us recognize that love is something enjoyable as well as attractive, however, we do not would like to know that this lovely point has some bitter pills also.

Individuals that fall in love experience various phases as well as if you are not knowledgeable about these stages and also just how to handle them, your partnership might endure.

Problems In The Couple 2

5 Major Sorts of Love According To Sternberg’s Triangular Concept of Love


This is the initial kind that shows up when 2 individuals satisfy for the very first time or after an extended period without seeing each other. The sensation they have for each other is a relationship blended with tourist attractions. Their communications get along, and they are more than happy to see each other once again, yet there is no interest in this love.

Vacant Love

This type of love isn’t packed with enthusiasm and also feelings; possibly you do not feel much for the various other individual or perhaps like him or her. Since it’s anticipated by your moms and dads and also culture and also not since you desire it, you might be in a partnership. There will certainly be no psychological affection, really little sharing of experiences, as well as minimal communication between companions.

Enchanting Love

When we locate a person that has top qualities that we appreciate as well as such as, who shares our worth and so on, we fall in enchanting love with this individual. Enthusiastic sensations create us to participate in an intimate partnership that includes sex-related affection. The sensation we have for a person in this phase is a solid wish for physical as well as psychological nearness.

Consummate Love

This is the highest possible sort of love based upon an extensive good understanding, mixing private abilities as well as abilities to produce an entire above the number of its components. Pairs are devoted to each other. It’s a suitable type of connection for a marital relationship because you experience caring, heat, regard, trust fund, dedication, as well as interest in the direction of each other.

Fatuous Love

Very few individuals reach this degree of love since it includes conquering obstacles in between companions to attain overall affection with a person that shows up virtually godlike. It likewise calls for severe compatibility which you will hardly discover at the onset of dating. If both companions take care of doing so, they will certainly have an extreme connection.

Problems In The Couple 3

When Passion Fades Away

As mentioned before, the first thing we have in a relationship is passion.

It is the first stage of love in every couple, being the magnet that brings two people together.

Problems In The Couple. Love in this stage is very intense, appearing that it is indestructible, with nothing having the necessary power to destroy your relationship.

Even though the period varies from one couple to another, the passion usually burns out after two years of a relationship.

Problems In The Couple. So, what’s next? After passion disappears, you finally get to discover the person next to you.

Intense love may make you see your partner in an ideal background; this is why all sorts of unpleasant discussions arise once there is no more passion.

This happens because you get to see the real version of your partner, its defects as well. You need to start remembering the reasons you love this person.

Problems In The Couple 4

The Love Of a Friend

Even if the passion is gone and your partner has some habits, you still feel worried about him or her. Would like to know your loved one well and safe?.

If you look at your partner like looking at a friend. No means that you stopped loving him or her anymore.

It doesn’t mean that your love faded away. It is just passing through a different stage.

Highly recommended to have a friend in your partner, besides a lover because your relationship will last this way.

Problems In The Couple. After no more passion, it is important to have respect, compassion, understanding, and support, the different tentacles of a thing called love.

The Mature Love

Problems In The Couple. It comes at a time when you understand that passionate love is not the only thing that keeps a relationship alive.

You will start appreciating the person next to you not only for the performances in the bedroom.

But also because he or she will take care of you when you are sick, will support you in every crazy plan you have, and will cook you dinner.

Inclusive if cooking is not a major skill, and will do anything for you to be happy.

So, passion is no more, but what you have in time is more precious than passion.

It is a mature love, a love that never dies because it is built on true values, like altruism, tolerance, communication, and harmony.


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