Grandma beauty secrets


Grandma beauty secrets

Back in the days, when grandma was young, there weren’t so many cosmetics and beauty products available.

Ordinary women didn’t have much around then perhaps lipstick, some cream for the hands or face.

Still, women in those days knew what to do to be beautiful. They had their little secrets, which helped them be beautiful and elegant, whenever the occasion arrived.

These beauty secrets were shared by grandma and they still work today. Because they consist of using natural ingredients for preserving natural beauty.

  • Beauty tips for women

One of the tips shared by grandma was the use of chamomile vapors to clean the face.

All you need to do is place a medium-sized pot with water on the stove and put some dry chamomile in it when the water is boiling.

Cover it and let it for about 5 minutes. Take a towel and place it on your head, while removing the cover from the pot.

Try to put your face as close as possible above the pot. While covering your head with the towel, so that the vapors won’t escape.

This will open your pores, clean them from any dirt and grime, kill bacteria, and help remove pimples.

Grandma also used to soak her nails in warm oil for about half an hour for strong nails that won’t exfoliate or break easily.

She also used freshly squeezed lemon juice to highlight her natural hair and as a fixing agent for her hair curlers.

  • Being natural is the best

There is always a thin line between using too many cosmetics and the care you want to bear for your beauty.

It is okay to want to take care of yourself, but you should only help your body, not completely replace its processes.

For instance, skin is producing a natural oil to protect its surface and remain hydrated.

Washing it too much or too often with cleaning products can damage it, because it removed the good oils too, besides dirt and debris.

So the secret of beauty is to find a balance between being natural and using cosmetics.

Try not to overdo it, by looking for the signs your skin may give you.

Use products that are reliable and use trustworthy ingredients that do not clog the pores or have negative effects on your skin.

  • Be chic and charming

A few decades ago, every woman wanted to be a French beauty.

French women were known for their elegance, femininity, and grace.

So my grandma followed beauty tips that were given by the French.

She used to apply a drop of essential oil, rose or lavender, on her wrists, and behind her ears. Because it was said that the high blood circulation in the area will enhance the fragrance.

Another beautiful secret is a cold shower.

Yes, according to French women, taking a warm shower that is finished with a session of cold water will help the skin be firmer. Will promote great circulation.

This means more oxygen and nutrients to your skin’s cells, helping it look younger and beautiful.

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