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Toxic men and toxic women

There are many situations in which people are definitely not ready to be in relationships because they can be extremely conflictive the way they handle things. The truth is that you need to be very mature and you need to have a great deal of emotional intelligence in order to be able to handle a relationship properly. In this article, we are going to be talking about toxic men and toxic women and what kind of things to look out for in a person in order to know if they are toxic.


Toxic people are always right

One of the first things you will notice about people who are toxic is that they feel that they are right about everything and they are always going to try to end a conversation if people tell them that they are wrong with their attitude or with something they say. You need to be able to stay away from this kind of person until they learn that this is a very toxic attitude that makes relationships extremely difficult.

Toxic people are selfish

This is another problem that you need to be aware of and this is a very common thing to see in toxic people. They always put their feelings above yours and they feel like anything that makes them feel uncomfortable is enough to break up a relationship unless the other person adapts to what makes them happy.

They love drama

Toxic people love to be surrounded by drama and they usually tend to act like victims by saying that they don’t know why they have so much drama in their lives. The truth is that people who have too much drama in their lives are because they allow it to be in their lives and their personalities attract the drama.

They are always victims

This is also a very common sign of a toxic person. They will usually say that everything that goes wrong in their lives is not their fault and when they make a mistake there is always someone else that they blame for it. You will never see a toxic person admitting a mistake and they will always be the victims.

They hold grudges

Toxic people do not forgive because they feel that they are perfect and that they never make mistakes, so they do not allow people to make mistakes that make them angry. If you have a problem with a toxic person, you will find yourself in a very difficult spot trying to be in good terms with that person again.

They evade questions

Toxic men and toxic women are experts at evasion and they will do everything in their power to twist a conversation in order to make others look bad and make themselves look good. This is a very difficult thing to deal with because toxic people are always going to be looking for ways to get under your skin and make you lose your temper, which will make you look like a conflictive and toxic person.

They are mean to people

Obviously, they know how to act polite and look extremely friendly when they are trying to accomplish something, but they always treat people badly if they have nothing to offer to them. A good way to spot a toxic person is to see how they behave and how they act with people that are not going to help them climb their way to the top. They will usually be mean to waiters and to people that provide any kind of service in stores and restaurants.

They are compulsive liars

Toxic people are great at lying and their moral compass is distorted to the point that they will lie at ill and without remorse all the time. This is the main reason why you need to get away from them because they would be willing to make up any kind of lies to get out of a situation and make you look bad.


Toxic men and toxic women are everywhere and chances are that you know someone who is toxic and you might even have a relationship with a toxic person. There are ways for people whit these traits to change, but this is usually going to be a difficult process for most of them.

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