Toys Perego Battery

$79.99 $62.99

Wired to produce 12 volts
Rechargeable battery tested for cycle life
Preselected for efficiency with Peg-Pérego vehicles




Product Review

My son includes a Peg Perego Case tractor with a drawn cart. This electric battery is a little bigger than the electric battery which was included with the plaything, but it’s fine since the footprint beneath the hood was created to accommodate the bigger battery.

We fully charged this electric battery with my initial charger (18 hours) and the battery lasted an excellent bit longer compared to the original. So much, so good.

Buy this electric battery, follow the instructions and that means you don’t finish up writing an awful review, and revel in! (25cm) size and some” (6cm) substantial, submarine show stand actions over 1″ (3cm) greatest, four” (11cm) intensive and 3″ (10cm) deep.

Product Description

Substitute battery for 12-volt Peg-Pérego vehicles.

Stressed to provide 12 volts

Rechargeable battery, examined for cycle lifestyles

Preselected intended for potency with Peg-Pérego cars

Merchandise comprises unsafe written content and isn’t returnable

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