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The most loved electric toothbrush brand by Americans and their dentists
Removes 100% more plaque than a manual toothbrush in hard to reach areas. Includes 2 Diamond Clean brush heads
The gentle brushing action of Diamond Clean helps prevent gum recession and the diamond shaped, medium stiffness bristles effectively yet gently scrape plaque away to remove up to 7x more plaque than a manual toothbrush.

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Product Review

After two years useful, the energy button on the handle had become so unresponsive to use, that it required an extremely forceful two-thumb push to carefully turn on my toothbrush.

We contacted Philips via their website, utilizing their online associate, and an upgraded handle was shipped if you ask me the same day time. I simply had to come back mine in the same package as the alternative, and Philips paid the comeback delivery. How easy was that?!

My two-year guarantee had expired a month prior (isn’t that usually just how it goes?) nonetheless it works out that because I authorized my toothbrush–which I didn’t actually remember doing–the guarantee got extended by yet another six weeks. Great customer support, Philips!

Funny, We don’t remember reading that Jonny Ive was moonlighting at Philips. But that is their second fresh dental item in a row–the 1st being the AirFloss–that might cause you to believe that Sonicare design was right now being carried out by Apple.

And After all that in the most complimentary method. That is, without question, the modern and elegantly designed electrical toothbrush available today, and I could only compare keeping it to the sensation you get when you possess an Apple product. But could it be worth the premium cost being charged for this?

Product Description

Looking after your oral good being is easy with the Philips Sonicare Gemstone Blank Toothbrush.

This rechargeable energy toothbrush gives Sonicare’ s very best plaque removing and whitening device, which include patented Sonic generation and brush heads with diamond-formed bristles that delicately brush away plaque.

Five cleansing settings supply a personalized cleansing revel in, and the Smartimer and Quad pacer make sure to brush appropriately and lightly. In your comfort and ease, Diamond Blank includes a graceful charging cup and an USB charging trip case.

The product should be charged for a minimum of a day in order to rate the battery. The merchandise might non-etheless ship just as much as a supplementary 12 makes utilization of after the electric battery indicator has started to flash within an amber color.

The amber color is a hallmark that the look after should be charged. While charging several merchandise be sure to keep these things sufficiently spaced apart [at least six ins]; While positioned nearer in mixture, merchandise won’t rate appropriately.

Essentially the most cherished electrical toothbrush logo using Americans and their dentists

Eliminates one 100% extra plaque when compared to a handbook toothbrush in exhausting to achieve spaces. Contains 2 Gemstone Blank brush heads

The mild brushing motion of Gemstone Blank is helping save gum recession and the gemstone formed, medium stiffness bristles effectively but gently scrape plaque aside to take away just as much as 7x extra plaque when compared to a handbook toothbrush.

Whitens tooth in simply seven days, Healthier gums in simplest fourteen days

Five cleansing settings be supplying a customized cleansing enjoy.

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