App Controlled Roboting


App-controlled robot with a hardcore polycarbonate shell that may travel up to 6.3 m/s (20.6 f/s, 14 mph)
Bluetooth SMART immediate connection (100 foot array)
USB charging provides over one hour of gameplay





Product Review


Lots of fun

– Extremely fast on a smooth surface area.

– It actually may drive on thick carpeting. (I was extremely impressed as the sphere 1.0 sucked on thick carpet really.)

– The trick setting is a large hit with younger children. They like seeing it bounce around sporadically.

– Powerful enough to actually drive up a 20-degree inclined driveway.


– In residence the Ollie gets stuck along walls and seats a lot.

That’s ok since there exist tricks setting that you can help to make the ollie spin and flip uncontrollable and that always gets the Ollie from the wall structure. I wish there have been a button to help make the Ollie make an effort to quickly move still left and right until it generally does not hit any obstructions permitting you to resume your driving encounter.

– Won’t reconnect after moving away from the range.

I’ve not had achievement with the application reconnecting to the Ollie after it gets out of range. I am certain that is a software concern that’ll be resolved but at this time it really is annoying.

– No Stop button. Occasionally the Ollie gets heading quite fast and you will need to quit it. It might be nice if there have been a quick stop switch to counter rotate the ollie on the contrary direction it really is driving to sluggish it down quickly.


Overall the Ollie is very expensive for a remote control car, but for individuals who need a cool fresh toy, or like to play around with new devices this thing is great.

Don’t let all of the negative factors dissuade you from obtaining the ollie. I was simply pointing out a few annoyances to the merchandise as it is currently. I am certain of them will be resolved with a software upgrade in the future.

Product Description

That’s Ollie – a complete adrenaline junkie that attracts its energy from unbridled velocity and excessive stunts. Control this app-allowed robotic to execute strategies and dominate every single inch of turf, route, and observe. There’s a growth mendacity deep in Ollie’s soul. Will it lay in yours?

App-managed robotic with a difficult polycarbonate shell if you would like to shuttle just as much as 6.3 m/s (20.6 f/s, 14 mph)

Bluetooth SMART wifi connection (a hundred foot vary)

USB charging materials over one hour of gameplay

Two blue Nubby Wheels & 2 Best Hubs for all terrain alternatives and methods

Unfastened iOS & Android suitable applications provide the energy to keep an eye on – velocity, acceleration, flip and sparkling LED radius

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