Amusement Park Coaster Building

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The push-along roller coaster features 4 carriages (each sitting a mini-doll), functioning light brick, entry area with opening safety barrier, control panel with levers, camera and an extended track with various obstacles along the ride
Accessory components include 2 tickets, coin, bill, 2 photographs, a map, boxes of popcorn, watermelon slices, apple, warm dog with bun, water bottle, soda bottle, sunglasses and a hair bow
Includes 4 mini-dolls: Emma, Andrea, Naya and Matthew in summer outfits





Product Review

This LEGO set rocks !! We bought this for our soon to become a seven-year-old daughter.

She enjoys the LEGO Friends show, and we were therefore thrilled to buy this arranged along with several other sets that proceed with the Amusement Recreation area Theme!

With regards to the build, PREPARE YOURSELF! This set requires a good period to build!

 I built a few of it for her while you’re watching TV during the night and she built some herself. In every, we both spent a complete around 3 hours roughly building this established, and we’re utilized to building Plenty of LEGO’s.

So the grasp builders out there must be in a position to build it in a couple of hours, and newbies will most likely have to expect about 4-5 hours of build period.

Some individuals will be intimidated by the build time, but we benefit from the build and see that within the joy and challenge of buying new LEGO sets!

Even if the build is intimidating for you, it is so worthwhile in this set.

A few of the additional LEGO sets we’ve constructed are fun to build, but after they are built they are just enjoyable in case you have all of those other theme, whatever it might be.

But, this arranged is just about the cornerstone of the brand new 2016 Close friends theme that was simply released and actually if it wasn’t it might be awesome all on your own!

An instant run-through of the various components:

The roller coaster is cool!

Much like most LEGO units, expect everything to become a little smaller sized than you imagined, but about various other LEGO sets, this set is actually big, mostly because of the size of the coaster.

The coaster glides efficiently and sounds similar to a roller coaster!

It’s cool that leading car on the coaster includes a “light brick” in it, this means there exists a little headlight on leading car.

It really is activated when you slide a passenger in to the front car, which may be just a little troublesome for our 3-year-old, however, not that hard for our 7-year-old.

You merely have to find out the right position to activate the light and protected leading passenger.

The cars may also fall off the track pretty easily if bumped aside or pulled or purchased prematurely.

Again, once your son or daughter gets the hang of it, they’ll be in a position to pull and drive the cars unfailingly. The front car must little grabber/angled bricks that assist with pulling it.

The Ferris wheel rocks !! It spins quickly and is weighted flawlessly in order to spin it fast or slow and simulate the character types walking up the tiny stairs and engaging in each car.

Our ladies love that component!

The drop towers are fun as well! One complaint is usually that the characters mind will hit the surface of the tower in the event that you pull the chairs completely to the very best before dropping.

I’ll check again to ensure we put that component together correctly, but it isn’t the biggest deal, you just need to end before you reach the top.

It’s amazing how fast the heroes drop and spin. Extremely realistic!

The other little parts like the tables and chairs, popcorn stand, entrance, and ticket counter are cool and great elements for imaginative play.

Overall, this set is loved simply by us, and our children have been using it for times.

We are able to tell that this is a plaything that provides a great deal of fun for a long period, especially as we choose the remaining Amusement Park parts and other LEGO Close friends sets in the foreseeable future!

Product Description

  • The push-along roller coaster features four carriages (each seated a mini-doll), working light brick, entry area with opening security barrier, control panel with levers, camera and an extended track with numerous obstacles along the ride
  • Accessory elements consist of two tickets, coin, bill, two photos, a map, boxes of snacks, watermelon slices, apple, warm dog with bun, drinking water bottle, soda bottle, sunglasses and a hair bow
  • Includes four mini-dolls: Emma, Andrea, Naya and Matthew in summer outfits
  • Roller coaster track steps 27″ (71cm) lengthy, coaster train with 4 carriages measures over 1″ (3cm) high, 6″ (17cm) lengthy and 1″ (3cm) wide
  • The rotating Ferris wheel actions over 12″ (31cm) high, 11″ (29cm) wide and 4″ (12cm) deep, the drop tower measures over 12″ (33cm) high, 4″ (12cm) wide and 2″ (6cm) deep.

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