Battered women in situations of couple

Unfortunately, the cases in which women are abused in various ways by their partners are not isolated.

There are many women that have to face domestic violence, in every form.

These women are making to believe that there is no way out because they are threatening with the loss of life or children, by their abusers.


The abusers can be their husband or partners, who end up being aggressive to the woman next to them verbally, mentally, and physically.

It is even sadder to see women blaming them for the situation they have to face or even considering their partner ill and in need of their help.

Many women consider highly difficult to get out from a relationship that is harming them.

In most cases, they refuse to leave because they have nowhere to go and are unable to support themselves.

These are the cases of housewives, who did not go to work in order to raise the family’s children or persuaded by their partners to let go of their job. So they could take care of the household.


Some women are afraid that they won’t be able to fend for themselves, especially if they have children to take care of.

Others are afraid that if they leave, their partner will get even more violent, putting their lives and the lives of her family in danger.

Still, regardless of the case, a woman should not accept being treated wrong and should seek help immediately.

Domestic abuse doesn’t mean only being physically battered, as it also means verbal abuses, constant threats, violent outbursts. Even sexual intercourse without the acceptance of the woman.

If a woman feels threatened, seeing that her partner is starting to mistreat her. She should walk away as soon as possible.

Not all couples started out through violence, the situation degenerating to this point.

There is a thin line between violent words and physical abuse.

If a man started attacking a woman with words that hurt and meant to destroy her self-esteem. There is a high chance that he will hit her one day.

All women should be aware of the fact that a man that loves them will accept them as they are and be supportive of them. Not use violence as a way to correct a behavior they don’t like.

When violence comes into the equation, love clearly has no room in the relationship anymore.

Still, women are constantly fooling by empty promises and love declarations from their abusers. Who try to persuade them not to leave after a violent scene.

And most women stay, having the hope that her partner will change.

Obviously, this never happens.

Being aware that what is happening to you is totally wrong. The first step to walking free from such a relationship.

The next step would be to seek help.

It is not a shame to ask for help. If you battered by your partner because it is your life and happiness at stake.

There are special centers for women that had to face domestic violence. Where they helping to heal, both from a physical and mental point of view.